JPTR FX - Introduction


You have come to the home orbit of the worlds ugliest, dystoptian and magical sound devices, JPTR FX. We are an effect pedal company based in Wilhelmshaven, Germany, founded by enigmatic sound enthusiast and builder Chris Jupiter, and run by him and his team of mad scientists, musicians and his dog, Barlow. Our company is a product of dedicated work by a tight-knit team of creative individuals that unitedly share the common goal of creating musically expressive, intuitive and still very challenging sound through our devices that value creativity and spontaneity above all.

Our mantra is noise, both explosive and subtle: we strive to make effect pedals that are assembled with the best quality parts and are built to last. Our palette offers a wide medley of effects, ranging from the raw rocknroll filth of the Silvermachine to the unearthly chasms of the Kaleidoscope, the sparkle and spit of the Jive to the winding tendrils of the Fernweh - each designed to enhance your style and approach to playing, regardless of instrument or raw talent. Our pedals are always designed with a variety of instruments in mind, and are meant to function as multidisciplinary instruments of their own.

There is a fitting JPTR FX pedal for each musician, genre and situation in our SciFi-Occult-Cyberpunk world of our ugliest sound devices. We solemnly guarantee you that, once activated, our gadgets will make you and your audience's heads spin, every time. 

PLS notice: 
By ordering one of our products, you support the planting of one tree of the organisation.