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Tesla Wolf V2 - Ultra versatile Overdrive Pedal

We are proud to present our new and improved JPTR FX classic: the TESLA WOLF V2. A completely overhauled version of our highly versatile and surprise packed TESLA WOLF OVERDRIVE in a pedalboard and user friendly enclosure with even more usable features than its successful predecessor.

What’s new?

In addition to existing features - such as the three internal dip switches to dramatically alter the gain characteristics of the TESLA WOLF through the addition of select diodes and LED’s - we have further added an internal Bass Boost switch which offers the capability to dramatically increase the low end output. Yes, this thing can be felt in the room.

We have also replaced the Voltage Regulator of its predecessor with a Dry Volume control, which allows for a smooth addition of your unaffected input signal on top of the overdriven/distorted signal.

Finally, we exchanged the Low Pass Filter for a more efficient Tone Filter with a much broader tonal range. This control contains everything from thick, earthy lows to ear piercing highs – perfect for making your guitar signal sit in the right place within a mix, whether dampened or present.

Apart from these changes - and the most immediately obvious reduction in size - the TESLA WOLF still incorporates an extensive and generous gain control that allows the pedal to be used anywhere between subtle overdrive and sputtering/gated fuzz settings, while still maintaining a very dynamic and touch sensitive response. The aforementioned dip switches can then be set according to taste, turning the TESLA WOLF into a four in one multitool for any dirt pedal application.

Here is the overview of the TESLA WOLF's main features:

Multiple drive and fuzz options - from subtle to erruptive

Practical and effective Tone Filter for a wide sonic range

Dry Volume control to help retain clarity or further tame otherwise abrasive settings/combinations

Three internal dip switches:

+ two silicon diodes (modern)

+ two military grade (&over 3 decades old) germanium diodes (vintage)

+ two pairs of LEDs to the circuit (rodent)

Additional Bass Boost switch - for when those chugs need to chug

Powered by regular 9 V DC PSU (centre -, 2.1 mm, <50 mA current draw)

To us, the TESLA WOLF is more than just an ordinary overdrive. It covers the most ground in anything from late to modern overdrive and fuzz history, with an impressive tonal range and variable/combinable clipping options, making it one of the most user oriented and versatile drive circuits we at JPTR FX had the pleasure to design.

Zahlung & Rücksendungen

139,00 €

  • Available
  • building and shipping may take from 2- 4 weeks1

Eternal Youth - Dual Channel Supreme Overdrive

Everybody wants freedom from restrictions and compromises. Everybody wants a peek into the infinite. Everybody wants eternal youth...

So we went ahead and built it into a pedal - the everlasting JPTR FX ETERNAL YOUTH - a unique interpretation of a dimed full stack with two channels to exploit the JFET-circuits true character and full tonal ambiguity. A pedal that leaps between nostalgia and 'Sehnsucht', the longing for the hereafter, the Eternal Youth is designated for the players who wish they could clone their favourite always on pedal and kick it into the stomach.

The raw dynamic response of this pedal is tuned to the sounds of early 70s expressiveness/subtlety/articulation and 80s cheek/bluntness/edge/sharpness , with distinctly chimey and shimmering overtones and very addictive feel. Shared volume and tone controls make this the perfect always on pedal with a double personality we wished we always had.

Naturally, the Eternal Youth loves to be stacked and boosted like the gain stage of any amp, and can be run on 9 through 18V. It thrives off of its duality and inner contrast, that encompasses both 'at the verge of breakup' honesty and bellowing deviousness - or hardcore and dad rock - with the ease of a tap.

Tastes change, but so do we - and the Eternal Youth captures all these changes in a small footprint duplex. It is full of timeless and imperishable flavours reflected by our own long and unique musical journey, making this our landmark drive unit and our new favourite pedal in our catalogue.

The King is dead. Long live the immortal King.

199,00 €

  • Available
  • building and shipping may take from 2- 4 weeks1

Jive - Micro Saturator

One of our most selling Pedals stripped down to bare function.
Affordable, small, fills every open space in your pedalboard.

Use it as always on boost to clean up your signal in minimal setting or dime it to give your amp 40DB of full fat boost!

Runs with ONLY 9V!!!

89,00 €

  • building and shipping may take from 2- 4 weeks1

Double Jive - JiveeviL

One of our most successful little boxes - THE JIVE - has become a twin, a clone and a dichotomous Jekyll and Hyde.

Answering the gazillion requests of musicians from all over, we have upgraded our successful little box of umph to be able to perform like a dichotomous Jekyll and Hyde: the DOUBLE JIVE.

Since the JIVE users so far had a very distinct division among themselves into two main groups, we would often receive lamentations about how some wished they'd have two, or even one with two separate in's ans out's.

There was group one, who mainly used the Jive as a transparent overdrive early in their chain. The clipping diodes would help the user find the right kind of breakup character and voilà: you had the perfect companion for that little extra on top.

Group two liked to use their JIVE's as an always on pedal, similar to a vintage style tape compressor, placed close to the end of their signal path. This would bring out lot of sparkle and life in the overall sound, but it would also work as an enhancer for all effects placed prior to the JIVE.

And thus the messages started coming in. Some wished they could have an always on JIVE with an added button to kick it into overdrive mode, perhaps with a designated diode. After plenty of consideration, we decided to do what made most sense and just put two in a box, along with their separate inputs.

"Why?" I hear the naysayers croon.

Because now all the conceivable possibilities for our players running complex signal paths are finally (fingers crossed) covered:

You run a stereo/dual/wet+dry rig? No problem - just patch your last pedals into the DOUBLE JIVE and fine tune the individual JIVE's to your liking.

You run a mono line but want a JIVE at he beginning of your chain to act as a drive and one at the end to act like a comp? Dealio -Patch effects between the separate in's and out's and unleash experimental havoc.

You run a simple board and like having two transparent drives that stack up nicely? Boom - Just use input one and output two and it operates just like a regular JIVE, but doubled. Stack sounds, engage diodes and find the perfect more+much more combo for your suiting.

You are a curious musician with a healthy level of destructive curiosity? Superb - run the DOUBLE JIVE as a guest loop to add pedals to your chain with and turn your board into an evolving modular behemoth.

You're a Jazz cat that can tell apart this cork and that one? Aces - set the gain a little higher on one side and watch your audience endure anxiety attack upon anxiety attack while they marvel at your sorcery.

Regardless of the player and whatever the occasion, the DOUBLE JIVE can finally put and end to those who need a little on top of the more they already asked for. After all - one can't ever have too much of anything.

Except snakes.

Yes it runs stereo!

199,00 €

  • Available
  • building and shipping may take from 2- 4 weeks1

Add Violence - Planetary Disorder Unit

While noisy, buzzy and sizzling Fuzz and Distortion sounds and general sonic heresy are indeed our medium, our reputation has felt somewhat unjustified and incomplete thus far. As such, it was our duty to release the planetary disorder unit that is the JPTR FX ADD VIOLENCE.

Named after one of our favourite EPs, the ADD VIOLENCE is a forceful, recklessly loud and uncompromising Super Fuzz. It is our take on the Univox classic, but on a jet rocket in a tank - thanks to its powerful transistors (the heaviest hitters we could find) and hand selected Russian NOS germanium diodes from the 70s (tirelessly tracked down on eBay for each unit) and auxiliary controls.

Disabling the diode switch results in a wholly more aggressive gated fuzz, with a raw, compressed and mid focused character. The diodes also provide an increase in volume, making the fuzz feel nearly twice as big. Engaging the diodes adds singing sustain and a very organic, dynamic breakup.

The ADD VIOLENCE also comes equipped with volume, gain and tone controls. The latter produces a very wide sweep - from complete mid scoop to full mid hump.

Three additional trim pots located within the enclosure provide further auxiliary controls: an upper octave control, transforming the Add Violence into an octafuzz, and a boost control of up to 16db - loud enough to blow out your continental neighbors eardrums. Lastly, a clean blend to maintain and balance clarity, texture and retain the native character of that beyond of just guitars.

This very versatile three in one fuzz tornado also comes in a remarkably pedalboard reale state friendly enclosure. Its practical control parameters allow it to especially shine with low end pronounced instruments, such drum machines, synths and bass guitars.

The ADD VIOLENCE is a very assertive fuzz that will outperform any of its contemporaries that are aimed at guitar players alone. It will also harmonize well with about anything and everything you fancy plugging into it. As always: we would never judge.

179,00 €

  • Available
  • building and shipping may take from 2- 4 weeks1

Roygbiv - STEREO Tape Quality Manipulator

As colourful as a full spectrum rainbow and just as variable, ROYGBIV embodies the JPTR FX philosophy of musically expressive pedals that demand your manipulation. This is JPTR FX’s take on the driving sound behind Boards of Canada, along with a grateful nod to the 80s and the legendary Juno and Dimension Chorus units, fused with an itch for noise and frequency shifts. We are proud to introduce you to our VHS colour vision. 


This unique modulation pedal sports classic depth and speed parameters, which are further complemented with noise, frequency and grind controls, all giving you complete sonic freedom between Lo-Fi tape saturation and classy glassy warbles. The pedal that’s equally for those that have never liked chorus and also for those that do, ROYGBIV (Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo and Violet) adds true colour to your sound!



Main Features:

· Lo-fi Modulation - from classic dimensional chorus to mangled lo-fi tape tones

· Speed-Ramp Switch - instantly go from slow warbles to Leslie-like spins

·Reel Speed - set each modulation wave independently

· STEREO outputs - get huge and wide chorus tones when using two amps

· Powered by regular 9 V DC PSU

 (centre -, 2.1 mm, <120 mA current draw)


Based on a classic yet unorthodox take on a dual “Dimension” chorus using PT2399 chips, ROYGBIV, the apply dubbed "Tape Quality Manipulator", contains a great range of modulated textures via its simple yet unconventional control set, replicating all manners of tonal colouring of a vintage VHS machine.


The familiar Depth and Rate controls will take you from shallow shimmers and subtle widening, all the way to deep mesmerising chorus tones and fast Leslie-like spins. Whereas the non-traditional Grind, Noise and Filter controls will help introduce everything from sweet saturation, nostalgia-filled currents of subtle tape hiss and warm vintage tone roll-offs, all the way to relentless distortion attacks and smothering layers of white noise. This makes the ROYGBIV perfect for both conventional chorus use, as well as experimental lo-fi tone trips and is a great tool for faux doubletracking too.

To further enhance the already impressive range of creative uses with this pedal, JPTR FX also includes a momentary Speed Ramp switch, which instantly maxes out the speed of the modulation, seeing you jump between two different modulation sounds in seconds flat. Plus, with the addition of a Stereo output, the ROYGBIV will give you epically huge chorus tones when using a stereo setup.


As with all JPTR FX creations, this pedal shines just as well outside of its element as within, delivering the finishing touch for keys, bass and vocalists alike. Once again, JPTR FX embraces the spontaneity with the additional foot switch that kicks the speed parameter to maximum, for instant Leslie rotations.

199,00 €

  • Available
  • building and shipping may take from 2- 4 weeks1

Jive - Reel Saturator

Inspired by an old Akai GX 210D reel to reel tape machine from the 1970s, the JIVE - Reel Saturator was made to give you the gooey and warm saturation obtained when pushing the Akai’s pre-amps to the max.


This pedal is bold, gritty, present and simply chock-full of screaming old-school mojo. If you are into lo-fi garage tones, want to make your modern-day synth sound like 1972 or if you simply want to add a touch of vintage warmth and presence to your guitar/bass/vocals/whatever, then the JIVE - Reel Saturator is your sonic dream come true.


Main Features:

· Lo-fi Reel Saturator - from subtle tone enhancing, to mind-melting distortion

· Volume and Gain - for ample amounts of dB on tap

· 3 clipping diode selectors - mix and match diodes as you like, for ceaseless saturation combinations

· 9V to 18V operation - allows for increased headroom

· Powered by regular 9 V DC PSU

(centre -, 2.1 mm, <50 mA current draw)


The JIVE’s control set is supremely simple, yet staggeringly versatile. Familiar Volume and Gain controls make things louder and dirtier as expected, but what truly gives the Jive character is its three clipping diode toggles on the right-hand-side of the pedal.


The top toggle introduces an Asymmetrical Germanium diode, the middle inserts a Symmetrical Anti-parallel Silicone diode, while the bottom toggle presents a Symmetrical Anti-Parallel Germanium diode. You can mix and match all of these diodes as you please, for worlds of different dirt flavours.

Use Jive as a volume boost, a subtle compressor or even a semi-transparent overdrive, exalt your sound with variable distortion or tear some walls down with lots and LOTS of dB. It is all up to you.


You can even run this mojo monster on everything from 9v to 18v giving you even more headroom to explore the crackling and gritty textures within the Jive.

139,00 €

  • Available
  • building and shipping may take from 2- 4 weeks1

Silvermachine - Dual-gain-stage Fuzz Pedal

Iconic sounds are often a product of struggle and compromise. They are unmistakable, genuine and have the potential to leave a mark on society. They are bold, out of place and larger than life. They fight back, claim their prize but never abandon their humble beginnings.



They are the SILVERMACHINE - Dual Gain Stage Fuzz!



Main Features:

· Dual-gain-stage Fuzz - from low-gain sizzle, to beefy Bender tones and all the way to screaming octa-fuzz sounds

· Two Gain knobs - acts as two highly interactive gain filters for endless fuzzy combinations

· Master Volume - we all know louder is better!

· Eye-catching vintage enclosure

· Powered by regular 9 V DC PSU

(centre -, 2.1 mm, <50 mA current draw)



SILVERMACHINE is a new interpretation of a time-tested attitude. Featuring two gain stages in a parallel circuit, competing for an unrefined and unbuffered vintage fuzz conquest. With one shared master volume to keep it simple but never stupid, the SILVERMACHINE´s gain knobs act as a filter, delivering tones that range from sizzling drives to rich, dynamic fuzz.


Pushing the gain stages even further brings out the upper octave, instantly reminiscent of the wild Woodstock days, with a twist of Beatnik club nights and Lo-Fi Psychedelic Garage seances.


The SILVERMACHINE retells Fuzz history in a modern iteration. Its versatility carries tones between Benders and Faces, but infinitely less compressed and deliberately open in character.


A first in less aggressive gain spectrums for JPTR FX, and definitely the most versatile. Its humble looks may be deceiving, for this spacecraft can take you anywhere - past, future and present alike.


179,00 €

  • Available
  • building and shipping may take from 2- 4 weeks1

Kaleidoscope - Multi reflector unit

If you are the kind of earth-dweller who loves to drench their chords in ambient infinitude, drown their fuzzes in a ceramic cave or even just subtly coat your rhythmic playing in a liquid swirl of overtones, then the KALEIDOSCOPE is exactly the reverb pedal that you’ve been searching for. 

With a medley of reflective possibilities at each turn of a knob, KALEIDOSCOPE is a breath of fresh air to add to the end of any pedal chain. In fact, the only downside might be that your signal chain may never sound as exciting when it's turned off!



Main Features:

· Textural Reverbs - from subtle spring-like tones, to vast ambient soundscapes and anywhere in between

· Compression Dial - add everything from subtle presence, to walls of distorted reverb

· Hold Switch - momentarily increases reverb feedback, for sustaining ethereal textures

· Kill-Dry Switch - instantly disappear into a pool of ambience by removing your dry signal with a single press

· Powered by regular 9 V DC PSU

(centre -, 2.1 mm, <120 mA current draw)


However, this isn't just any ordinary big reverb in a pedal. Like its optical namesake, the KALEIDOSCOPE reflects your signal, be it once or more, each duplicate meshing together harmoniously while adding compression, modulation and copious amounts of feedback frenzy to your signal.


A pedal’s musicality is fundamental at JPTR FX. So, whether you use the pedal with your guitar, bass, drums, synths or even vocals to further explore the cavernous and layered reflective depths within, the KALEIDOSCOPE was designed to complement and adapt to all manner of musical styles and input signals.


Roll back the reverb and dime the feedback control for lush, rhythmic wobbles that twist and gyrate along to your sound-beds or turn everything up for a saturated, sustained sound. The Compression Dial comes right after the reverb, which really helps to really push your tails - as the reverb fades out, the compression pulls it back up to helping to elevate your seat in the mix. At the same time, 3 separate control stages offer you instant shifts in depth, texture and oscillation, ranging from the warm and haunting cloudscapes we have come to love, to an all-wet, crispy whisper with the help of the designated Kill-Dry Switch.


Plus - and if the mood strikes - push and hold the momentary switch at the heart of the KALEIDOSCOPE 's enclosure to extend your drones into perpetuity.





199,00 €

  • Available
  • building and shipping may take from 2- 4 weeks1

Super Weirdo - Fuzz Modulator Pedal

JPTR FX truly outdid themselves on their weirdness with this transcending fuzz modulator. Now it's up to you to outdo yours! The SUPER WEIRDO will be your closest friend and best kept secret, the kink in your playing and the twist in your tone


A testament to its name, the SUPER WEIRDO is unearthly, alien and downright trippy and possibly is the only pedal that simultaneously builds monumental walls, all while tearing them apart at the same time!



Main Features:

· Fuzz Modulator - from classic, thick gated fuzz tones, to glitchy sonic anomalies

· Pulse Width Dials - create everything from huge doubler tones, to chaotic cascading walls of sound

· Glitch Switch - momentarily introduce oscillation into the signal, for bursts of trippy textures

· Expression Input - for on the fly control of the delay time

· Powered by regular 9 V DC PSU

(centre -, 2.1 mm, <80 mA current draw)



On the surface, the SUPER WEIRDO is disguised as an early 90s-style gated fuzz, with a dedicated low pass filter knob to effortlessly find your place anywhere in the mix. But that’s far from where the freak show ends. This three-headed beast delivers fuzz, time modulation AND momentary glitch-bombs all in one enclosure.


The core operation of this unit is to further enhance the input signal with an advanced, time-based modulation effect - The Pulse Width Modulator.


Two dedicated knobs allow the player to multiply and manipulate their playing. The Feedback Mix controls the amount of modulated signal added to the base sound, acting almost as a doubler. A further Time Amount knob controls the distance between each modulated pulse, enabling the addition and separation of layer upon layer, resulting in a wall of thick, dynamic and articulate fuzz. Plus, if you dial in a short time setting, you get a doubletracking fuzz tone. 


Beyond this, an extra momentary footswitch gives the player expressive freedom to disrupt the signal with quick bursts of oscillation - aptly named Glitch. Plus, to guarantee all manner of expressive possibilities, an expression input allows you to connect a standard expression pedal for on the fly creativity.


179,00 €

  • Available
  • building and shipping may take from 2- 4 weeks1

Fernweh - Vintage-Voiced Dual Delay Pedal

In today’s arena of delay effects, the longing for a far travelling, expansive sound and the thrill of uncharted spaces dictate the game. The FERNWEH - Multi Echo Module is the time-bending answer from JPTR FX to exactly those needs, seeing multiple switchable delays move you and your sound from your quaint earthly realms and into the sonic unknown.


This expansive delay is more than a temporal effects pedal. It is a trampoline between the unsophisticated and habitual, or the wondrous and the uncommon. Its fast response and dynamic range make it a perfect live tool for haunting sceneries and frenetic solos. The FERNWEH (Wanderlust in German) is, without a doubt, a delay pedal that wants to take you places.


Main Features:

· Vintage-voiced Dual Delay - from classic rhythmic tape-like echoes to otherworldly cascading dreamscapes

· Warp Switch - instantly jump between two different delay times

· Feedback Switch - hold to momentarily max out feedback, for walls of rolling ambience

· FX Loop - allows you to add other pedals internally that helps to create and expand upon your very own delay tones

· Powered by regular 9 V DC PSU

(centre -, 2.1 mm, <80 mA current draw)


The FERNWEH operates as two stacked delays that can be controlled separately, to cover your sound in a soft, atmospheric haze. This unique design allows the player to configure different time settings between the two delays, which can often result in elaborate rhythmic patterns or reverberating textures, followed by a lush trail.


In addition, FERNWEH sports a momentary switch for infinite self-oscillation and another switch to warp between time settings, switching from time A to B repeatedly. Set the time settings further apart for a rich, textured delay warping into a drenched, glistening reverb. Turn both times up and swap back and forth between the launch into space and the shattering descent back into orbit. Throughout all of this, the FERNWEH’s core sound always remains soft and familiarly vintage.


While the two delay signals are always running into each other, you can easily isolate either delay simply by turning down one of the mixes, and voilà - a straightforward delay.


However, for those of you who find yourselves looking to further push the limits of the FERNWEH, we suggest dimming the mix knob. A light boost will be engaged with the mix turned all the way up, adding some extra dirt for your sonic extravaganza. Couple this with an FX loop, for hooking up your favourite mix of other pedals internally between the two delays, helps to create even more possibilities for delayed cacophony, making FERNWEH to be in your complete time-travelling control.


This beautifully crafted and bizarre vintage style delay is hand-built with tender love and care and prepared to weird up your sound.

199,00 €

  • Available
  • building and shipping may take from 2- 4 weeks1

Drumthing Deluxe - Piezo Spring Preamp Pedal

One of the most creative and curious JPTR FX creations is without a doubt the DRUMTHING DELUXE. Inspired by many guitarists in the 1990s who attached Piezo pickups to their tremolo cavities to produce percussive and alien sounds, JPTR FX embarked upon a design that could incorporate these musical, intuitive and bizarre instrumental tones, but in pedal form.


If you’re looking to bring some splash, crash and clang into your creative workflow, then this crazy little critter should do the trick!



Main Features:

· Spring-equipped percussion instrument - from subtle clangy beats to a full-on industrial frenzy

· Built-in Piezo Mic - for capturing unique resonating textures

· Get creative - use on its own or use it with other pedals, for bold rhythmic textures

· Powered by regular 9 V DC PSU

(centre -, 2.1 mm, <50 mA current draw)


The DRUMTHING DELUXE consists of three vital components: Springs + a Piezo microphone + an overdriveable preamp. Why? Just because! On first glance, it is a simple yet percussive little box that adds the sounds of springs to your signal. Pluck them, strum them, flick them, stomp, kick and curse at them, perhaps even in a foreign language. Play them with a violin bow, an e-bow or a real bow if you’ve got one, you wild tone-hunter. There really are no rules!


On face value, the DRUMTHING DELUXE can easily be underestimated due to its rather seemingly simple functionality. But by taking into consideration that this box will react to its surroundings, just like any microphone would, you’re in for a wild sonic ride. For example, placing it on top of your amp will immediately incorporate the amp’s own vibration, translated through the overtones produced by the springs.


For even more possibilities, you can change the springs, remove or modify them outside its percussive element. Remove the springs entirely and you have a piezo mic in a box, which you could Velcro on to any surface, instrument or flooring to capture deep, overlooked sounds in any venue, studio or even inside a bass drum.


The DRUMTHING DELUXE is many a thing, but certainly beyond being summarised in just a few sentences. It is as simple as a resonator guitar for your pedalboard or a stomp tool while playing country at a club. It could be also be as complex as your entire industrial percussion section or a means to record and capture the un-recordable.


Turn your surroundings and everything within them into instruments of their own.

139,00 €

  • Available
  • building and shipping may take from 2- 4 weeks1