With the glorius life pedal in mind, we at JPTR FX wanted to spawn our personal take with am updated version of the gain circuit. As per usual, we couldn't resist shooting way over target, resulting in the KATASTROPHE. 


Its gain circuit is based on the sound of a highly modded british full stack - but with a more effective EQ section that will work on clean and diry amps alike. 


Enabling our players to retain fidelity/drastically reshape their signal - and to do so conveniently - has been a crucial objective in the KATASTROPHE's circuit design. Thus, the pedal comes equipped with an assortment of external and internal knobs, bobs and sally's for radical manipulation. 


The externally located low cut will remove low rumble, if you wish for a more modern high gain sound, or to go full doom with all the low end untouched. The internally located trim pots further allow the player to boost both the low end and the dry signal independently and in parallel, enabling a versatility that ought to accommodate even the most audiophile of bass players* out there (*you know who you are). 

Katastrophe - Sludgefest Dominator

PRE ORDER UNIT! (Shipping will be September)

249,00 €

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  • building and shipping may take from 2- 4 weeks1

The analog octave up section has more gain than the usual octave up circuits and is identical to the one found in our Silvermachine line. An added foot switch for this circuit offers players more flexibility and allows for more drastic changes while playing. 


- Internal trim pots for dry volume with independent tone shaping high cut, low boost/cut

- Additional Internal trim pot for input gain

- High gain octave blend from 0% to 100%

- Power Requirements: runs on 9V ONLY, includes an internal 18V charge pump for higher headroom

- Hand screen printed, diecast aluminum enclosure (12x14x6 cm) 

- top mounted jacks for that seamless board layout 


The KATASTROPHE is a well rounded, articulate distortion pedal that complements a diverse range of playing styles and instruments. It has delivered on all our test setups (consisting of various amps set to sometimes potentially demure, but mostly unorthodox volume levels) and sounded inspiring through each of our team member's hands.

Gather round & feast your sense organs on our latest venture into a world more welcoming of color: the WARLOW.

The tone filter can be flipped with a small switch on the inside to bypass the muff filter. If you bypass it, you get a classic tone filter resembling the filter of a Rat.




Warlow - Fuzz monstrosity

This polychromatic set is our take and dedicated interpretation of an op-amp based, Pi-style fuzzstortion/distortiofuzz pedal which authentically captures the late 90s' Seattle-based grunge texture and tone. It incorporates Led clipping diodes which bring about a very pronounced low end and a truly barefaced fuzz that also can be selected internaly to give a big variety of sounds.

-H U G E Sound 



139,00 €

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  • building and shipping may take from 2- 4 weeks1

We are proud to present our new and improved JPTR FX classic: the TESLA WOLF V2. A completely overhauled version of our highly versatile and surprise packed TESLA WOLF OVERDRIVE in a pedalboard and user friendly enclosure with even more usable features than its successful predecessor.


What’s new?

In addition to existing features - such as the three internal dip switches to dramatically alter the gain characteristics of the TESLA WOLF through the addition of select diodes and LED’s - we have further added an internal Bass Boost switch which offers the capability to dramatically increase the low end output. Yes, this thing can be felt in the room.

We have also replaced the Voltage Regulator of its predecessor with a Dry Volume control, which allows for a smooth addition of your unaffected input signal on top of the overdriven/distorted signal.

Finally, we exchanged the Low Pass Filter for a more efficient Tone Filter with a much broader tonal range. This control contains everything from thick, earthy lows to ear piercing highs – perfect for making your guitar signal sit in the right place within a mix, whether dampened or present.


Apart from these changes - and the most immediately obvious reduction in size - the TESLA WOLF still incorporates an extensive and generous gain control that allows the pedal to be used anywhere between subtle overdrive and sputtering/gated fuzz settings, while still maintaining a very dynamic and touch sensitive response. The aforementioned dip switches can then be set according to taste, turning the TESLA WOLF into a four in one multitool for any dirt pedal application.

Tesla Wolf V2 - Ultra versatile Overdrive Pedal



139,00 €

  • building and shipping may take from 2- 4 weeks1


Here is the overview of the TESLA WOLF's main features:

Multiple drive and fuzz options - from subtle to erruptive

Practical and effective Tone Filter for a wide sonic range

Dry Volume control to help retain clarity or further tame otherwise abrasive settings/combinations


Three internal dip switches:

+ two symmertical 1N4148 Silicon diodes (modern)

+ two symmetrical 1N4001 Silicon diodes (vintage) 

+ one pair of symmetrical red LEDs  (rodent)

Additional Bass Boost control - for when those chugs need to chug

Powered by regular 9 V DC PSU (centre -, 2.1 mm, <50 mA current draw)


To us, the TESLA WOLF is more than just an ordinary overdrive. It covers the most ground in anything from late to modern overdrive and fuzz history, with an impressive tonal range and variable/combinable clipping options, making it one of the most user oriented and versatile drive circuits we at JPTR FX had the pleasure to design.




Inspired by an old Akai GX 210D reel to reel tape machine from the 1970s, the JIVE - Reel Saturator was made to give you the gooey and warm saturation obtained when pushing the Akai’s pre-amps to the max.


This pedal is bold, gritty, present and simply chock-full of screaming old-school mojo. If you are into lo-fi garage tones, want to make your modern-day synth sound like 1972 or if you simply want to add a touch of vintage warmth and presence to your guitar/bass/vocals/whatever, then the JIVE - Reel Saturator is your sonic dream come true.



The JIVE’s control set is supremely simple, yet staggeringly versatile. Familiar Volume and Gain controls make things louder and dirtier as expected, but what truly gives the Jive character is its three clipping diode toggles on the right-hand-side of the pedal.

Jive - Reel Saturator

139,00 €

  • verfügbar
  • building and shipping may take from 2- 4 weeks1

Main Features:

· Lo-fi Reel Saturator - from subtle tone enhancing, to mind-melting distortion

· Volume and Gain - for ample amounts of dB on tap

· 3 clipping diode selectors - mix and match diodes as you like, for ceaseless saturation combinations

· 9V to 18V operation - allows for increased headroom

· Powered by regular 9 V DC PSU


(centre -, 2.1 mm, <50 mA current draw)

The top toggle introduces an asymmetrical 1N4001 Silicon diode, the middle inserts a symmetrical 1N4001 Silicon diode, while the bottom toggle presents a symmetrical 1N4148 Silicon diode. You can mix and match all of these diodes as you please, for worlds of different dirt flavours.

Use Jive as a volume boost, a subtle compressor or even a semi-transparent overdrive, exalt your sound with variable distortion or tear some walls down with lots and LOTS of dB. It is all up to you.

 You can even run this mojo monster on everything from 9v to 18v giving you even more headroom to explore the crackling and gritty textures within the Jive.

JPTR FX truly outdid themselves on their weirdness with this transcending fuzz modulator. Now it's up to you to outdo yours! The SUPER WEIRDO will be your closest friend and best kept secret, the kink in your playing and the twist in your tone


A testament to its name, the SUPER WEIRDO is unearthly, alien and downright trippy and possibly is the only pedal that simultaneously builds monumental walls, all while tearing them apart at the same time!

On the surface, the SUPER WEIRDO is disguised as an early 90s-style gated fuzz, with a dedicated low pass filter knob to effortlessly find your place anywhere in the mix. But that’s far from where the freak show ends. This three-headed beast delivers fuzz, time modulation AND momentary glitch-bombs all in one enclosure.


The core operation of this unit is to further enhance the input signal with an advanced, time-based modulation effect - The Pulse Width Modulator.




Super Weirdo - Fuzz Modulator Pedal

179,00 €

  • verfügbar
  • building and shipping may take from 2- 4 weeks1


Main Features:

· Fuzz Modulator - from classic, thick gated fuzz tones, to glitchy sonic anomalies

· Pulse Width Dials - create everything from huge doubler tones, to chaotic cascading walls of sound

· Glitch Switch - momentarily introduce oscillation into the signal, for bursts of trippy textures

· Expression Input - for on the fly control of the delay time

· Powered by regular 9 V DC PSU

(centre -, 2.1 mm, <80 mA current draw)

Two dedicated knobs allow the player to multiply and manipulate their playing. The Feedback Mix controls the amount of modulated signal added to the base sound, acting almost as a doubler. A further Time Amount knob controls the distance between each modulated pulse, enabling the addition and separation of layer upon layer, resulting in a wall of thick, dynamic and articulate fuzz. Plus, if you dial in a short time setting, you get a doubletracking fuzz tone. 

Beyond this, an extra momentary footswitch gives the player expressive freedom to disrupt the signal with quick bursts of oscillation - aptly named Glitch. Plus, to guarantee all manner of expressive possibilities, an expression input allows you to connect a standard expression pedal for on the fly creativity.

Iconic sounds are often a product of struggle and compromise. They are unmistakable, genuine and have the potential to leave a mark on society. They are bold, out of place and larger than life. They fight back, claim their prize but never abandon their humble beginnings.


They are the SILVERMACHINE - Dual Gain Stage Fuzz!

 SILVERMACHINE is a new interpretation of a time-tested attitude. Featuring two gain stages in a parallel circuit, competing for an unrefined and unbuffered vintage fuzz conquest. With one shared master volume to keep it simple but never stupid, the SILVERMACHINE´s gain knobs act as a filter, delivering tones that range from sizzling drives to rich, dynamic fuzz.


Pushing the gain stages even further brings out the upper octave, instantly reminiscent of the wild Woodstock days, with a twist of Beatnik club nights and Lo-Fi Psychedelic Garage seances.




Silvermachine - Dual-gain-stage Fuzz Pedal

179,00 €

  • verfügbar
  • building and shipping may take from 2- 4 weeks1

Main Features:

· Dual-gain-stage Fuzz - from low-gain sizzle, to beefy Bender tones and all the way to screaming octa-fuzz sounds

· Two Gain knobs - acts as two highly interactive gain filters for endless fuzzy combinations

· Master Volume - we all know louder is better!

· Eye-catching vintage enclosure

· Powered by regular 9 V DC PSU


(centre -, 2.1 mm, <50 mA current draw)

The SILVERMACHINE retells Fuzz history in a modern iteration. Its versatility carries tones between Benders and Faces, but infinitely less compressed and deliberately open in character.


While noisy, buzzy and sizzling Fuzz and Distortion sounds and general sonic heresy are indeed our medium, our reputation has felt somewhat unjustified and incomplete thus far. As such, it was our duty to release the planetary disorder unit that is the JPTR FX ADD VIOLENCE.

Named after one of our favourite EPs, the ADD VIOLENCE is a forceful, recklessly loud and uncompromising Super Fuzz. It is our take on the Univox classic, but on a jet rocket in a tank - thanks to its powerful transistors (the heaviest hitters we could find) and hand selected Russian NOS germanium diodes from the 70s (tirelessly tracked down on eBay for each unit) and auxiliary controls.

Disabling the diode switch results in a wholly more aggressive gated fuzz, with a raw, compressed and mid focused character. The diodes also provide an increase in volume, making the fuzz feel nearly twice as big. Engaging the diodes adds singing sustain and a very organic, dynamic breakup.


Add Violence - Planetary Disorder Unit

179,00 €

  • verfügbar
  • building and shipping may take from 2- 4 weeks1

The ADD VIOLENCE also comes equipped with volume, gain and tone controls. The latter produces a very wide sweep - from complete mid scoop to full mid hump.

Three additional trim pots located within the enclosure provide further auxiliary controls: an upper octave control, transforming the Add Violence into an octafuzz, and a boost control of up to 16db - loud enough to blow out your continental neighbors eardrums. Lastly, a clean blend to maintain and balance clarity, texture and retain the native character of that beyond of just guitars.


This very versatile three in one fuzz tornado also comes in a remarkably pedalboard reale state friendly enclosure. Its practical control parameters allow it to especially shine with low end pronounced instruments, such drum machines, synths and bass guitars.

The ADD VIOLENCE is a very assertive fuzz that will outperform any of its contemporaries that are aimed at guitar players alone. It will also harmonize well with about anything and everything you fancy plugging into it. As always: we would never judge.