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The small head version of our glorious Ohmmacht!
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Shipping will be end of 2021

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True connoisseurs have been waiting for a worthy successor to the SUNN MODEL T amp for decades.


This odyssey has now come to an end.


Our perfect recreation of the first generation is equipped with more reliable components and is in no way inferior to its model.


Hard facts:

-150W ultralinear KT88 power stage Tubes

-Custom made Transformers the size of small trucks

-Turret Board

-Handwired with the best components we could find

-FX-loop on front panel

-Built after modern industrie standards by an certified electronics engineer with masters degree

-140W output 4/8/16 OHM

-EHX KT88/6550 power tubes

-JJ/TAD preamp-tubes

-Only highest quality brand components

-generously oversized component-packages and power/voltage ratings 

-105°C rated electrolythic capacitors in order to improve lifetime and reliability.

 -Headshell from Zilla cabinet


Summarized the facts:

This thing sounds just like the Orginal!


The Pre-Order starts right now and you have the choice:

-Full payment for 2500 €

-Down-pay 1400€ and another 1200€ when your amp is ready to ship.

Every amp will be built -to- order, so get yourself your OhmMachT!


Build time is right now 2 - 3 Months 

2.500,00 €

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